CMP Engine Services

Stock motors come from the factory off an assembly line. Cylinders and cases are cast and many casting flaws and casting seams are throughout the cylinder, cases and head.

This causes unnecessary turbulence thus hindering flow and performance.

At CMP we do extensive testing on all brands of snowmobiles and Motorcycles, so no matter what you ride, CMP advanced technology can get you off the line fast.

Each motor is inspected, calibrated, scribed, and dyed to ensure precise cuts. The cylinders are then ported to match your riding style or application.

The intake track is opened up, boost ports are enlarged and sharpened, the transfers are cut at precisely the correct angle, and the exhaust is cut to the exact specifications determined by your CMP technician.

Cylinder head volume, squish, and plug extension are then calculated and tuned to provide ultimate performance. All exhaust and head components are then polished to a mirror-like finish to offer the best fuel flow possible.

Cylinder Porting Engine Modifications
Singles $175.00 Head Modification (2-Stroke) $65.00
Twins $285.00 Case Matching (2-Stroke) $105.00
Triples $450.00 Crank Rebuild (2-Stroke) $90.00
Four Stroke Single $525.00 Case Splitting Single Cylinder $225.00 + Parts
    Case Sprlitting Twins/Triples $260.00 + Parts
    Carb Modification (2-Stroke)/(4-Stroke) $85.00/$175.00
Prices Subject to change. Please call for current pricing, packages and racer discounts.
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